Find Wolli and win 2×2 day ski tickets

Wolli is the mascot of the destination Zermatt – Matterhorn. As a black-nosed sheep, Wolli particularly loves to romp around on the Zermatt mountain meadows near the Matterhorn. However, Wolli has discovered the Internet and roams through the Matterhorn Blog.

Have you discovered Wolli yet? Whenever you see the mascot, you have to click on it immediately to get a chance to win!

There is a lot to win!

Wolli loves nothing more than good company! Thatโ€™s why among all those who find Wolli in the Matterhorn Blog, a Winner will be raffled. On top, the winner will also get a plush Wolli, which will be sent to your home.

Good luck on the search!