Zermatt is as unique as the Matterhorn. Moulded by many different people, cultures and nations, the destination has not only become one of the most attractive holiday villages in Switzerland with a special Alpine lifestyle, but also has many exciting stories to tell: about foreigners with visions, traditions transferred from one generation to the next, tales of love’s happiness, heaven’s heroes, nature’s jewels, and much more. Nobody could report better about Zermatt’s great variety than the people who call this place home. Because without their spirit of innovation, their passion and their love of place, this little village at the base of the Matterhorn could never have become the magical mountain paradise it is today.

Therefore, they report about the many different adventures that await one in this breathtakingly beautiful hiking and skiing region, and chat about what is exciting and happening in this mountain world – from cuisine to culture spiced with insider tips. People who are in Zermatt and stay there, are Zermatt’s secret ingredient. They are the reflection one sees in the Matterhorn Blog. And this is the reason why this blog is not the work of a single author but rather of different author teams. Also, the contributions are written in different languages, because as the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said: “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” The Matterhorn Blog is not only about inspiration and information but also helps our guests become our friends.


The Zermatt Tourism team consists of 35 motivated employees, who represent the Zermatt – Matterhorn destination daily with their best effort and side.

Daniel Luggen – tourism director, father, mountain bike rider, diver, host

Selina Merz – responsible for animation, volleyball ace, dedicated worker, travel lover

Christian Ziörjen – responsible for events, mountain bike rider, perfectionist, gourmet lover

Fabienne Fux-Schaller – responsible for marketing services, nature lover, knows the best photo spots


The Team Mountains embodies 38 breath-taking four-thousand metre peaks around Zermatt and the mountain of mountains – the Matterhorn.

Zermatt Matterhorn Blog Team Berg

Sandra Stockinger – the heart of marketing at ZBAG, dog owner of Napoleon, 2012 milestone holder

Nathalie Steindl – the power lady of the Alpine Center, mountain climber, sport enthusiast, translator

Kurt Lauber – the Matterhorn guardian, mountain guide, hut warden, powder snow freak, globetrotter

Barbara Truffer – PR lady at the MGB, cook and guest hostess, fitness, and a glass of great Valais red wine


The Team Cuisine stands for 254 GaultMillau points and guarantees culinary delight in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Zermatt Matterhorn Blog Team Kulinarik

Urs Biner aka Dan Daniell – creative entertainer and amiable host at Chez Heini

Michelle Wimmersberg – cupcake queen, Homemade Café owner, ski teacher, power lady


The Hotel Team embodies the world-famous world of Zermatt hotels with exceptional cuisine, wellness worlds to dream of, and hosts who make guests their friends.

Zermatt Matterhorn Blog Team Hotel

Daniel Lauber – hotelier with lifeblood, 2010 milestone supporter, innovative thinker, hunter

Lisa Demirci – power woman, Matthiol hotelier, dog lover, hostess with lifeblood, loves quietness

Roman Haller – marketing heart of the townies, mountain biker, committed and creative


The Culture and Inside News Team deals with the daily dilemmas of tourist destinations, ancient mountain traditions and innovative cultural landscapes.

Zermatt Matterhorn Blog Team Kultur

Marco Godat – co-founder of Zermatt Unplugged, owner of 4478 Events, dad, creative and committed

Boris Radan – dedicated hotelier, Crossfit Zermatt, tattoo fan, happily in-love Swede


The Team Family Members all raise up their kids between international tourists and stunning mountain nature. They know exactly where to go to put a smile on children’s faces – in peak season as well as off season.

Familie beim Picknick

Edwin Rutgers – Dutch native, fireman, family father

Danica Zurbriggen Lehner – mom of two kids, studied educational science and works as assistant headmistress, passionate family writer of her own blog

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