Excellence Class: Switzerland’s most coveted seats

Rail travel isn’t just about getting from A to B. Rather, it has become a high comfort adventure. Starting in March 2019, the Glacier Express caps it all of – with the Excellence Class.

Rail travel isn’t just about getting from A to B. Rather, it has become a high comfort adventure: The view of lovingly well-tended houses alternates with impressive glaciers and mountain peaks while one comfortably leans back and sips delicious wine. Starting in March 2019, the Glacier Express caps it all of – with the Excellence Class. The new fancy way to reach Zermatt.

Premium class – window seat guaranteed

A ride on the Glacier Express is an absolute must-do item on any journey through Switzerland. The premium panoramic train starts from St. Moritz, travels the Albula and Bernina Lines (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), rolls along the Rhine Gorge (the “Grand Canyon” of Switzerland) and finally tackles the Oberalp Pass on its way to Zermatt. Wishing for a seat with the best possible view is a matter of course. Perfect: Excellence Class comes with a window seat guarantee. Thus, guests enjoy their very own exclusive panoramic view. Always.

Concierge service in Excellence Class

Luxury starts even before stepping on the train: The concierge greets guests at the Welcome Desk in front of the Glacier Express train and takes care of check-in and luggage. During the whole train ride, the seasoned crew proficiently looks after the well-being of the travellers. Whether by offering sparkling champagne and a delicious salmon soufflé or by regaling passengers with fascinating stories about nature, country and people along the route. In addition, every guest can look up interesting information around the Glacier Express on the tablet ready for personal use at each seat.

Eat and drink, lean back, enjoy

We have come to expect delectable food on board the Glacier Express. In Excellence Class, however, the special gastronomic treatment reaches an all-time high: A sophisticated, regional 5-course meal accompanied by selected wines is included, as are amuse-bouche and champagne. The perfect location for enjoying the welcome drink or an aperitif is the exclusive Glacier Bar with a magnificent view. The barkeeper conjures up the most delightful drinks – straight, on the rocks or with an umbrella. In the afternoon, teatime with delicate friandises awaits. What many don’t know: All dishes are being freshly prepared in the “rolling” onboard kitchen – a unique service in Switzerland.

Information about Excellence Class

Excellence Class will go on its maiden voyage on 02 March 2019. Seat reservations can be made 90 days prior to the respective travel date. There are only 20 seats available per ride – a truly exclusive experience. The train runs twice daily: Once from Zermatt to St. Moritz and once in the opposite direction. A first class ticket is required for the whole route (St. Moritz–Zermatt or Zermatt–St. Moritz). In addition to the ticket, a surcharge of CHF 420 applies.

In return, a day trip with top-class standard can be expected: The fare includes concierge service, luggage service (from/to railway platform), tablet for onboard entertainment, guaranteed window seat, snacks throughout the day, soft drinks, aperitif and appetiser, high-class seasonal and regional 5-course menu with selected wines, and tea time with nibbles in the afternoon.

The ride in Excellence Class is a feast for the senses. With this new service, the Glacier Express offers one of the most exclusive rolling touristic highlights in Switzerland.

🎟 Find out more about the ride on the Glacier Express in Excellence Class
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