ONA: A New Dining Experience in Zermatt

ONA is a culinary movement that creates ephemeral dining experiences all around Europe, we opened the doors of “ONA Zermatt” at the rex on December 6th and will stay in Zermatt until April 2020.

A new concept that honours young chefs and local suppliers

I founded ONA after working in the restaurant and hotel industry for over 10 years. My goal was to create a space where young chefs are free to express their creativity. I was lucky to spend 3 years working at Noma, where I had the chance to travel and build a community of incredible producers and chefs. ONA officially launched in the spring of 2019 and we have since opened three pop-ups – in Basel, Lisbon and Paris. 

Grilled apples, yeasted cake, alexanders sugar © Jacek Wejster

ONA pop-ups gather a community of chefs and suppliers, putting their craft together in a unique way. Each new pop-up is a completely distinct dining experience for our guests and a tribute to local products and producers. 

ONA was created to give a platform to young chefs, but also to the local food culture of each new place. A great trust between the chefs and the local suppliers is essential in this style of cooking, where the products play a key role on every plate. By using local products, not only are we adapting to and honouring local suppliers and flavours, but also using the best ingredients, and providing an incredible experience to guests.

ONA was created for the dreamers and passionate restaurant-goers, who above all else want to have an unforgettable experience every time they dine out. We have already opened three ONA pop-ups in three European cities, now, we are thrilled to be in Zermatt

An open fire tasting menu that honours the flavours of Switzerland

At the rex, the ONA team will be serving a tasting menu of their own creation, using local, seasonal and artisanal ingredients cooked over an open fire. Along with the menu, we offer a carefully selected beverage pairing and a wine list of Swiss and European wine. Everything you see and eat at ONA Zermatt has been carefully selected in true ONA fashion, to provide an unparalleled experience for anyone that walks in. 

Leeks cooked in the ashes of the fire, with mushrooms and fermented leek vinaigrette © Jacek Wejster

An essential part of ONA is building a community of local producers, most of them small-scale, organic and artisanal. Some of the producers we are working with in Zermatt are: Horu Kaserei, La Ferme des Devins, Reynard Bio-Top, Ferme du Soleil, Le Salaisons d’Annivier, Coopérative fruitière de Bramois, Jars Ceramistes, More than Wine, Les Amis du Chateau and Cultivino

The ONA Zermatt team is comprised of talented young chefs from all around the world:

Head Chef Michael Watson, was previously at ONA’s Paris pop-up, L’Appart, and before that, at In De Wulf (Belgium). Michael loves to cook with fire, so you can be sure that things will warm up at the rex. Head Sommelier, Noemie Streulli (ex Arsenic) will be pouring her favourite natural and low intervention wines and Nora Garberson (ex Septime) is the experience manager of this project, making sure every bit of ONA Zermatt is delightful for our guests. 

Cooking with fire is Chef Michael Watsons specialty © Jacek Wejster

The team also counts with Chef Lou Koening, who was at La Maladaire, Chef Miguel Diniz, a Portuguese chef that has worked at Londrino and ONA at the Beach, Yann Mantelli (ex Neptune) and João Diniz (ex Ona at the Beach). 

This new generation of chefs will provide a most memorable fine dining experience in Zermatt. Come and join the wave. Book your table at https://onazermatt.dinesuperb.com/ 

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