PuraWorka, Pura What? More than CoWorking!

PuraWorka launched the first CoWorking Space in Zermatt this winter season 2018/2019. But what is PuraWorka you may ask? It is not only about finding the perfect work and life balance, it is much, much more…

1st CoWorking Space in Zermatt

PuraWorka launched the first CoWorking Space in Zermatt in winter season 2018/2019. After hosting several smaller events creating a local community, the team decided to finish the first winter season with a big bang and launched PuraMind – a new inspirational event was taking place in April 2019.

The PuraWorka Coworking Space at Hotel Mama ©William Croall Photography

Now you may ask: What is PuraWorka ?

The name was created out of a fusion of the Spanish expression “PuraVida” which simply means “PURE LIFE” and stands for the enjoyment of life – Worka obviously comes from work. Therefore, PuraWorka is about finding the perfect work and life balance. That’s why PuraWorka offers the possibility to work in a so-called CoWorking Space in dream destinations as Zermatt.  

Mann hält PuraWorka Schild
Founder Neil Beecroft © Jeremie Carron

The principle of CoWorking is not to just share an office space with other remote workers together but also cocreate new ideas and share knowledge. The best CoWorking spaces in the world aren’t the ones with the fanciest interior or state of the art technology – it’s the ones with the most thriving and inspiring community. Spaces like these make people travel to their locations in order to be part of their movement and to create an impact together.

Shaping a movement

Exactly a movement like this is what PuraWorka stands for. Sustainability and Outdoors is what connects the community of doers, professionals, athletes and adventurers.

Especially in stunning natural surroundings like Zermatt or other locations as LaTzoumaz Switzerland or Lombok Indonesia, changes can be experienced firsthand. Therefore, PuraWorka does everything in their power to stay vigilant and proactive in the protection of the environment. Examples therefore are responsible sourcing of products/services, smart mobility, circular economy and local & healthy food.

Matterhorn im Winter
Zermatt in winter © Jeremie Carron

Living the philosophy day by day

In order to be able to support CoWorkers creating their perfect combination of work and life style, the team itself lives PuraWorka’s philosophy day by day. Is it Neil, founder, who throws himself into the next couloir for some great off piste skiing and fights for sustainability Anita, inspiring women as a coach to live up to their fullest potential and living as a world nomad – Juli, living the laid back beach life in Lombok and creating non-waste bamboo goods and Nico, helping with medical support in Guatemala and inventing new innovative products with several StartUps.

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