Zermatt & Restaurant Alphitta: A beautiful place I am proud to call home

Once home, forever home… Many years ago, like a lot of people, I decided to work for one winter season in Zermatt.

Many years ago, like a lot of people, I decided to work for one winter season in Zermatt after I finished my Masters Degree in Food Science. But please be warned if you feel like doing a one-season-adventure, Zermatt has a special attraction to it and it won’t let you leave that easily again. So fast forward 18 years (Murphys Bar, Hotel Pollux, Restaurant Fluhalp, Hennustall, Hotel/Restaurant Schwarzsee) and I am running the beautiful Restaurant Alphitta (originally build at 1869, belonging to the Seiler family) at the Riffelalp with my Irish partner Dave.

I am very proud of our international team and every one has a great passion to give our guests an excellent lunch experience in a vibrant atmosphere. Our homemade food is served with a smile whilst being entertained with Live Music. We thoroughly hope that our guests feel welcome and at home with the extra addition of having the Matterhorn as a spectacular back drop….. 

So what makes Zermatt so special?

First of all you can call a place your home when you are surrounded by the people that you love. Because Zermatt is such a small village I established tight relationships with both local Zermatters and with the people who decided to move to Zermatt and live their lives here too. Secondly, the scenery. What is there more to say, I believe the images speak for themselves. If you are an outdoors person and love nature (like me) then Zermatt is like a big playground:

❄ A winters day at Alphitta in general consists of starting with snow-shuffling before we can welcome our guests (I can easily call Alphitta my fitness studio). Besides working in a place I love, I ski (and occasionally snowboard), and of course go for a few drinks during après ski (it is very important to socialize ;-)). 

🌸 A summers day normally starts with a walk through the forest to Restaurant Alphitta. It is the perfect start of the day. My Spanish waterdog Marley (yes I know she looks like a sheep) and me have the whole forest with all its animals to ourselves (no traffic jams, loads of fresh air, what could you wish for more). In my free time I spend most my time hiking, biking and climbing. There are so many hiking/biking trails that you are spoilt for choice. And yes, even this Dutchie climbed the Matterhorn….

“don’t say that I didn’t warn you”

So Zermatt with all its opportunities and the wonderful friendships is for me definitely ONCE HOME, FOREVER HOME…….and don’t say that I didn’t warn you……once you have lived in Zermatt it will always be a big part of your life…… Zermatt ist einfach HÜERE GÜET

  1. I am proud so know you and Dave, I was so lucky to meet you at Schwarzsee i n that bad peiod. I didn’t give up coming to see Alphitta in the coming year and meet you and Dave andalso the other dear friends that helped me to get through. Grüzi, Erna

  2. Die Alphitta isch eifach hüra guät, das muess i säge. Das hät ich nie gedeicht. Dr Dave ond d’
    Tanja send es ufgstellts Team ond gähnd eim s’Gfüehl, eifach deheim zsi. Mer chömme secher gärn weder. Es decks Dankeschön, Kusi ond Simi

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