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The Swiss Competence Center for Mountain and Air Rescue offers a variety of courses for medical providers, technical rescuers and other interested individuals which can be done trough the Air Zermatt Training Center (ATC). The wealth of experience attracts people from Switzerland and all over the world.


Air Zermatt is well known for its pioneer work all over the world. Over the past decades, knowledge accumulated and hence, demand for sharing those experiences and expertise has increased. Through the International Commission of Alpine Rescue (ICAR), Air Zermatt is internationally connected to many rescue organizations worldwide.  In 2005 and 2009, Air Zermatt has been contacted by one of the ICAR members, to rescue the Slovenian extreme climber Tomaž Humar; once in Pakistan and once in Nepal. Although, the team of Air Zermatt together with rescue specialists from Zermatt were able to get to Langtang Lirung in Nepal in 2009, Tomaž Humar had already succumbed to his injuries. The only thing left to do, was to recover his body. In order to prevent such a tragic fate in the future, the project for “knowledge transfer” had been started. Following those events and a detailed analysis of the potential for a competence center, Air Zermatt Training Center was implemented into the company of Air Zermatt and has been growing since then. The village Zermatt plays a crucial role for the Training Center, since there is probably no better place to have beauty and danger so close to each other. The nature around Zermatt is unique and beautiful but many times also very challenging. Many climbers, adventurers, and people from all over the world want to enjoy this exceptional place. Unfortunately, some of them underestimate the power of the mountains and nature. Luckily, since 1968 our rescue operation has improved. The goal is to be able to provide a rescue service at the highest quality level possible. Not only for our local population, but also everyone who shares the admiration for our town and the whole Valais.

Air Zermatt - Training Center
©Air Zermatt

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

With the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (short HEMS) Crew Member Course, Air Zermatt is offering a knowledge transfer based on over 50 years of experience and more than 50’000 helicopter rescue missions. The HEMS course offers Flight Crew Emergency and Survival Training with a unique and realistic training setting in mountain environment. This course will prepare for rescue missions in extreme conditions, such as unpredictable weather, weight issues and limited resources.

Mountain Emergency Medicine

The Mountain Emergency Medicine course is designed for healthcare providers who want to advance their medical knowledge into the world of mountain rescue. It is an intensive 16-day course divided into a winter and a summer module, and all medical and technical rescue techniques are taught that have been in use at Air Zermatt for the last 50 years. The MEM course includes canyoning, HUET and AHEMS topics according to DiMM regulations (ICAR, ISMM, UIAA).

Air Zermatt - Training Center
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Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and Water Survival is a life-saving training for the crew in the unfortunate event of an unplanned ditching in the water. Survival greatly depends on the personal actions to escape from the fuselage underwater. For this training, a capsule in the look of our helicopter was built and offers a unique training experience.

General Information

This blog offers some insights to the wide range of services the Training Center offers. Those courses are internationally recognized and designed for medical providers and technical rescuers. The courses are certified by ICAR, ISMM and UIAA and are in accordance with all EASA regulations in line.

Through these courses, the participants will experience Zermatt in a completely different way. However, if somebody is interested in advancing his expertise in the field of mountain rescue, there is probably no better place to train for it. Unique views, experiences and highly professional personnel that will guide the course attendees and make learning easy.

Furthermore, they will get to see Air Zermatt from a different perspective. It’s not all about flying: Without our trained medical and technical personnel, we would not be able to operate this helicopter rescue service. Off course, flying is fun and we love it – no question at all 😊

For more information, check out the website of the Air Zermatt Training Center: and

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