Skiing and massages in Zermatt

Zermatt, the village at the foot of the Matterhorn, is a place where nature and well-being can be combined to shape a perfect vacation – a mixture between skiing, excursions and professional massages.

This year, for the third time, Zermatt called me to give well-being to skiers and mountain lovers. Every year, tourists from all over the world come to Zermatt to be able to dedicate themselves to a few days of mixed skiing and relaxation in the wellness areas of the various hotels. For skiers, the choice of having a muscle massage means reaping excellent benefits. In fact, professional athletes get massages before and after competitions in order to reach the highest level of their performance.

The massage can be done either in the morning before getting on the ski slopes, during the day or in the evening when you return to the hotel. After spending a day on the slopes, a massage helps the body and limbs involved in improving muscle tone and above all neutralizing the pain due to lactic acid that forms in the muscles during exertion. A massage gives skiers the opportunity to sleep peacefully and without any pain – you know how important this is for a pleasant vacation.

A massage studio at the Hotel Alex in Zermatt ©Hotel Alex
A massage studio at the Hotel Alex in Zermatt ©Hotel Alex

A few words about me

My name is Maria Rita Valentini. I am a physiotherapist masseuse, trained in Italy at the prestigious Enrico Fermi Institute in Perugia. After practicing in my country, I decided to cross the border and measure myself with work experiences in Switzerland and Germany. Now, I’m working at the Hotel Alex in Zermatt for the third winter, providing massages to guests. Particularly here in Zermatt and in the Swiss Alps, I have been able to see how important my profession is and how much guests appreciate a massage when they return to the hotel in the late afternoon or in the evening.

A massage helps to relax after a day of skiing ©Pascal Gertschen

Embrace in a professional massage

Enter the Spa, hot sauna and Turkish bath to relax, then indulge in a nice massage, often a classic, or a strong Deep Tissue massage, after a day on the ski slopes.

This way, you can get a sense of how ski athletes use massages to be able to perform better. They receive sports massages, distinguished in pre-race and post-race. The pre-race massage is administered to the athletes before performing in a competition. It’s a fast, energetic massage that stretches the muscles preparing them for the upcoming effort they have to make. A post-competition massage, unlike the first one, is also a strong massage, but one which relaxes the muscles, and above all, shapes them, bringing them back to its natural state.

Even if you aren’t an athlete – here in Zermatt, you have the opportunity to get the same professional experience before getting on the ski slopes in order to feel great both during the descent on the slopes and when returning to the hotel after a day of skiing or hiking.

Benefits of a professional massage

The effects of a massage on the human body presuppose a complex series of interrelated mechanisms. We have a direct mechanical action on the tissues, a reflex action on different organs, a chemical action and finally a psychological action that completes the circle.

The sense of touch is the master of sensory development. It is the first of the five senses that is formed in the womb at birth. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to make the individual return to that primordial memory, to give him real well-being.

Thanks to the skills of the masseuse and the actions of the massage customized to every individual, that moment will be perceived as relaxation in a safe and familiar place. In this phase, the competence of a masseuse is very important, as they work with very subtle energies. It often happens that a massage removes blocked emotions or even gets people in tears. Thanks to the action of the professional, you can free your soul and mind.

Zermatt during the winter season
Zermatt during the winter season ©Pascal Gertschen

An unforgettable vacation

A holiday or stay in Zermatt can become an unforgettable experience in all respects. Experiencing the thrill of skiing with a preparation given by high-level professional massages leads to making the most out of this wonderful experience and returning home with so much satisfaction and joy of having chosen the right location to spend some happy days. And thanks to the healing effects of a massage after skiing, you won’t even suffer from any physical aftershocks.

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