How to spend a real Swiss National Holiday

Each nation has its own customs. As a stranger in a foreign country you want to learn about these customs and be part of it. Learn how to celebrate the Swiss National Holiday just like Zermatts do.

Dear guests

First of August is the Swiss National Holiday. This is your first time in Switzerland? We are going to tell you, what you need to consider in order to spend a real “Nationalfeiertag” in Zermatt. Just obey the following 18 steps and you will celebrate like a Swiss:

1. First have a look at the program and grab a 1st of August brochure at the tourist office in Zermatt to get an overview.

July 31st

2. Dress casually and comfortably – ideally with a straw hat. Don’t forget to take a sweater with you. Later in the day, when the sun sets, temperatures are falling quickly in the mountains.

3. If you are interested in history and culture (and you are) take part at the guided village tour “Zermatt 100 years ago”, which is a holiday special including a glass of good local wine and food at the end.

4. Visit the street party in Zermatt.

5. Eat, drink and meet the locals.

6. Dance, sing and have fun.

7. Go to bed late – but not too late because…

Swiss National Holiday in Zermatt Matterhorn - Stellisee
© Zermatt Tourismus

August 1st

8. … you have to get up early the next day!

9. Take the Sunnegga and Blauherd cableways to be at Stellisee at around 09.45 am.

10. In a compelling picturesque landscape take part at the official ceremony in honour of the 726th birthday of beautiful Switzerland. Listen to speeches, marches and sing with us the Swiss National Anthem (No worries, you’ll find the song text in the event brochure 😉 ).

11. Take a glass of wine, a bite of bread and a slice of sausage that will be given to you.

12. Take a hike back to the village via Findeln, Riffelalp or Tufteren and visit another restaurant to enjoy the cosy mood in the summer sun and watch the Matterhorn.

13. Visit one of the restaurants in Zermatt that offer a special 1st of August meal.

14. Eat and drink!

15. In the evening, go to the Obere Matten in the middle of the village.

16. At 22.00 pm listen to the church bells and enjoy the stunning fireworks surrounded by a fantastic mountain scenery at 22.15 pm.

17. Have a drink in one of the numerous clubs and bars in Zermatt.

18. Come back next year 🙂

As you see, our Swiss National Holiday is all about calming down, living the good life and forgetting our worries.

Come and join us, we’ll see us on the street in Zermatt.

Take care!

Kind regards, your Zermatt Event-Department

Selina and Chris

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