Fieke Mestdagh, Herbalist and fermentation enthusiast

In 2020, I started my first solo project under the name OUT. in the forest, offering seasonal activities related to herbal medicine and wildcrafting.

About Fieke

Name: Fieke Mestdagh
Job: Creative mind and plant lover at OUT. in the forest
Doing this since: 2020
Currently working at: OUT. in the forest, Zermatt Kollektiv and CERVO.

7 questions for Fieke

Tell us more about what you’re doing!
The great isolation of 2020 gave me the strength and inspiration I needed to start my first solo
project under the name OUT. in the forest. An exciting project that offers seasonal activities in and
around Zermatt that are related to herbal medicine and the practice of wildcrafting. During the
summer season I organize weekly herb walks, on Wednesday and Sunday where the local
medicinal plants and herbs can be discovered.

Making people aware about what nature has to offer and especially how they can develop a sustainable connection without causing any harm. This upcoming season OUT. in the forest collaborates with CERVO and offers a broad series of workshops where you can learn how to implement wild herbs and plants into your daily life. The hotel hosts the Sunday walk that takes you down to the beautiful lake in Täsch. I absolutely love crafting and creating, you can find me practicing this mostly at the Zermatt Kollektiv, where I was given the opportunity to create a fermentation lab. Experimenting and producing homemade fermented sodas packed with good bacteria and locally harvested treats.

A snapshot captured during on of Fieke’s herbal walks. ©Fieke Mestdagh

What makes your job so special?
I get to work in the area where I am absolutely passionate about. It’s a dream coming true. I get
to spend a lot of time in nature and keep discovering and learning so much on a daily basis.

Why Zermatt?
Everything is possible in Zermatt. If you can dream it, you can make it. I am grateful to be living in
such a beautiful alpine region with so many inspiring international people around. 2020 has
changed a lot and the urge to reconnect with nature has never been so prominent.

What’s your next project, or what project has a special meaning to you?
Besides crafting, creating and hosting activities in the field of herbalism, I am studying to become a
clinical herbalist. I dream to have my own clinic one day and therefore I am planning to move to
Canada for my apprenticeship year.

Fieke Mestdagh during one of the herbal walks. ©Fieke Mestdagh

Where’s your favorite spot in Zermatt?
I have a favorite spot for any occasion. I love walking up to the Gletschergarten, crossing the
hanging bridge, for a wild food barbecue among friends and family. A summer day by the lake,
Schalisee, in Täsch is among my favorites in summer. Making a short list of favorite places is hard
in a place like Zermatt. Every place has something special to offer.

What insider recommendation would you give to a guest in Zermatt?
Come and try any of the homemade fermented sodas that will be available at Aroleid restaurant
and Zermatt Kaffee & Kitchen. From “wild water kefir” to “kaffee kombucha”.

Collecting, fermenting and using plants for health is one of Fieke’s passions. ©Fieke Mestdagh

For me, Zermatt is…
A chance to be around nature, every single day.

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