Thomas Haugstvedt: Head Chef and Baker at the rex

I manage everything food related at the rex, Backzeit our sourdough bakery and our new restaurant Stockhorn by the rex.

About Thomas:

Name: Thomas Haugstvedt
Profession: Head Chef and Baker at the rex 👨‍🍳🥖
In this profession since: summer 2020
Company: the rex, Zermatt

What makes you love your job? What makes it special?

I take great care in my job with strong focus on quality and attention to the details on every level. The drive to cook and bake is easy when you can work with so many wonderful farmers and producers around Wallis and the surrounding regions. The people we work with are all very passionate and that can be tasted and felt with the end result.

Why exactly Zermatt?

Zermatt was actually quite a coincidence for me as I planned to help out with a friends project for a few months but now I’ve been here for more than two years and I’m feeling quite at ease. Perhaps because it reminds me a bit of my birthplace Norway.

What do you do in your free time in Zermatt?

Oh here in Zermatt there are endless possibilities of outdoor activities and especially if you like the mountains as I do! Ski touring, alpinism, climbing and hiking are excellent options for spending your time outdoors. Exploring the endless trails and peaks are definitely very exciting and takes up the most of my free time outside of work. ❄️🏔🥾🧗🏻‍♂️

Zermatt is for me a hidden gem at the end of a valley with wild mountains and landscapes to admire in every season. An adventurous and exciting place to test your limits and reach the skies.

Thomas Haugstvedt

What should everyone who visits Zermatt have seen or experienced?

The nature surrounding Zermatt is absolutely beautiful and will captivate you in more ways. For the summer season I would say the Höhbalmen trail as it’s not too long and has a great setting or simply climbing the Matterhorn. In Winter it would be the Pfulwe to Täsch ski tour, or a ski tour up to Dufourspitze, the highest peak of Switzerland.

What is your next big project, or which project has a special meaning for you?

My next big project would be to start up a little farm to table restaurant with its own vegetables, fruit, chickens, bread, cheese, charcuterie and wine. I know… as mentioned before it’s a big project but I’m certain that one day in the future I’ll be waking up to that reality.

What insider tip would you give a visitor to Zermatt?

Trying out the phenomenal pizza at “North Wall bar” and also the warm cinnamon buns at 08:00 everyday at “Backzeit”.

➡️ Find out when we first met Thomas! ❄️🥖

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